Warhammer Sunday

Published September 13, 2016 by Jenn Andrew


Necrons, Chaos Daemons, Tau and Dark Angels were the armies in the Warhammer this Sunday with the campaign for 40K called Assassins.   The name of the game was to take out your enemy’s Commander while protecting your own.  They were also given an objective card they had to complete.  It was a good game with most players meeting their objective.

Necrons won over the Daemons in the first game and the Tau beat out the Dark Angels in the second.  The terrain was debris and craters with a splattering of trees to make it a little challenging to move troops around but why would you want it simple?  The great part about 40K is determining how to get your troops across the terrain to get to your enemies line to take them out or retrieve something valuable and leaving nothing standing in your wake.


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Pathfinder Chronicles

Published August 24, 2016 by Jenn Andrew

Phenix, Garth, Sam and Antonnio, had to go back in the boat towards the ice melting island again because they weren’t finished with their discovery. 

They came across a couple of huge ice creatures they had to combat but once they succeeded, they brought back lots of items for the clerics. 

Phenix absorbs herself in knowledge so finding books among the items was a complete joy. 

What kind of adventure are they going to find themselves in next? 

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Published August 23, 2016 by Jenn Andrew

I am beginning to appreciate Steampunk even more than when I discovered I enjoyed it last year.  Now that comic book artists are starting to draw more steampunk images, it’s getting pretty exciting.

Zenescope usually handles their Grimm Fairy Tales in a sensual manner with the Fairy Tales that were told to us as children, but they took a little twist and put some steampunk into two of their issues.















Part 1 of the short series tells of Robyn Hood who seems to have gone rogue but you find out the true story as you read along.  The cover is awesome with a great costume that you can cosplay.  Zenescope doesn’t usually do this type of story so they are branching out.  A group of outlaws led by Robyn Hood pulls off a major heist and they are hunted down by the local Sherif.  Characters like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland are among the clan.
















Part 2 has a lot more of the story.  With the Grimm character Snow White added to the second part.  The female outlaws are able to handle themselves as much as men can in a fight – whether it was hand to hand combat or with guns and bows.

The only thing that puts me off slightly with Zenescope is that they put too much sex into their characters so that the story sometimes gets lost among the scantily clad women.  Creators and artists don’t realize that females also enjoy reading comics and much more so than before.  I like a good creative appeal to a costume and the attractiveness of a strong, intelligent main female character but less emphasis on the female form and more kick -a… on the story and dialogue and I think that would do just as well. 

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Published August 20, 2016 by Jenn Andrew

The series is based on Xena waking from a 25 year enchanted sleep by the Gods.  Once awoken, she finds the world with less Gods and turmoil.  With Gabrielle by her side, they b ecome a caring but fighting duo in a land that needs their help.

xena warrior princess











I watched Xena in my youth and Lucy Lawless really pulled it off as Xena.  In the comics, Issue 1 has her in the encounter with the Harpies, Issue 2 continues with the fight against the Harpies and Gabrielle finds herself in the middle of the ruckus.  In Issue 3, they both redeem themselves in front of the Harpies and they start working together.  You wind out what all the miscommunication was all about.

I’m glad that there are other comics besides DC and Marvel and that readers are giving them a chance. Sometimes the best comics aren’t all about the traditional superheroes but also about people performing heroic deeds and the creators who like to write and draw about it.

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New Keychains Coming Soon From Funko

Published August 17, 2016 by Jenn Andrew


Funko’s keychain game is strong and getting stronger! Today, Funko released images of the following new keychains coming soon. You can preorder each right now by clicking the photos. With these additions, Funko has added a more diverse selection to their keychain business. Which one will you add to your collection? The post New Keychains…

I have a Funko pop keychain for two Doctor Who characters and one from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  I think they are great to carry around on your backpack or handbag.  I can’t wait until Funko comes out with more of these keychains.

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Pathfinder Tuesdays

Published August 16, 2016 by Jenn Andrew

Tuesday nights bring on the pleasure of playing Pathfinder and when you’ve had a long day at work,  you really need to wind down with some adventuring. 

We’re all human but once imbued with protection spells,  we’re on our way to help some clerics try to close a hellmouth that opened up.  We found a weird ship that is spewing ice,  which is not normal so we’re checking it out. 

What I like about role playing is that sometimes our DM likes to use miniatures and Pathfinder has a variety of things you can buy. 

We found what appeared to be timber wolves in an area that shouldn’t have them and they automatically attacked us. With our fighter taking first initiative, he was successful in pulverizing one.  With my staff,  I was able to keep one at bay. Our third man,  Garth,  used his short bow and takes one in the chest. The fighting ensued until all the wolves we’re taken down. 

Role playing is great for building the imagination,  figuring out problems and releasing stress. What ever world you play in,  get caught up in the moment and the fun. 

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Warhammer – Season of War

Published August 15, 2016 by Jenn Andrew

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Season of War worldwide campaign that ran this summer in July to August 14, with four battles that were played.  North America was The Living City and you used your armies to see which faction reigned supreme.  At Comic Warehouse in Brampton, Chaos ruled.


The first battle was between the Daemons – Warhammer daemons from fantasy which are still used in the Age of Sigmar and the daemons from the Age of Sigmar starter set.  They battled each other and obviously it didn’t matter which monster or general led, the daemons came out victorious.

The second battle had two different clans of Skaven battling each other to see which clan reigned supreme.  In the end, the Pestilence won over the battle – leaving Chaos still in the front line.

The remaining battles were fought just as tough with Chaos ruling in the Brampton part of The Living City at Comic Warehouse.

The best thing to come out of this global campaign is the General’s Handbook that allows you to play the Age of Sigmar in three different ways – free style, which is the way it has been played since it’s creation, Narrative – when you choose a story within the Age of Sigmar tales and run battles from it and thirdly, the point system.  The last pages of the book provides you with points for the Sigmar models so you can put together an army to play in tournaments.

For anyone that had the opportunity to play in The Season of War, thank you for participating and allowing the Warhammer Sigmar to take flight.

Jenn Andrew
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